Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekly Review: 2/16-20

As the trip gets closer, my ability to focus on our lessons diminishes significantly! :) But we're plugging along!

Literature: Reece is reading The Best Trick (from the Sonlight Core 1 reading list, or at least it used to be!); Riley is still listening to/following along with Anne of Green Gables on CD; Austin is nearly done with Robinson Crusoe (listening to/following along with). For Free Reading, Austin's been reading his Flight: A Complete History and Riley has read the next couple of Elsie Dinsmore books (a friend from dance recommended these to her!).

Math: Reece is adding 9s, Riley is adding fractions (she finds the whole process of common denominators and reducing fractions to be "ridiculous"), and Austin took the test for lesson 15 in MUS Epsilon and scored a 96! It would have been higher, but he neglected to label the square units for two problems, and I'm a stickler on that!

Grammar: Austin is learning about Predicate Adjectives and Predicate Nominatives, and it's going pretty well! Riley is learning about Compound Predicate Adjectives and did an Oral Language Lesson on the proper use of the forms of the verb "to be".

History: We learned about the First Russians, and began to learn about the Ottoman Empire, which no matter what Riley says, has nothing to do with the living room furniture. @@

Science: They read their science books to themselves, and quite frankly, I forgot to ask them to narrate! Oops!

Spanish: We began lesson 11 in La Clase Level 1, and will continue it next week.

Latin: We finished Chapter 4 and actually understand it!!

Studied Dictation: It's just not going well as a method for spelling for Austin. Trying to hold firm and hope to see some results. Riley does very well with it.

Phonics: Reece is nearly done with Explode the Code, Book 1. I have Book 2 for her to start, probably when I get back from Disney.

Character Traits (Contentment), Hymn Study (I Need Thee Every Hour), Composer Study (Chopin), and Artist Study (Van Gogh) are all wrapping up for this term. Poet Study (Emily Dickinson) is much more difficult as we read these poems and all of us just look at each other in confusion! LOL

Our lunchtime read-aloud is Inkheart. We are all enjoying the story, but today there were 2 instances of cuss words which made all my kids' eyes open widely. Austin and Riley know not to repeat, but if any of my IRL friends hear Reece use the "D" word in the next week or two, please understand it wasn't my fault!

Reece's read-alouds this week were Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny Too. I thoroughly enjoyed both of these books! I checked them out on recommendation from my friend, Daphne. I was surprised to find that these books are excellent for RDI/Guided Participation usage. You really had to pay attention to the facial expressions and body language of the characters! And the characters are cartoons but the backgrounds are all real pictures. It was fascinating to Reece... and she referenced me at first to see if it was something to be bothered about! When I said I thought it was pretty cool, she said she did, too. Highly recommend checking them out from the library!

Today we had a field trip to the grocery store with our homeschool group! Lots of fun!

Have a great weekend!


The Glasers said...

I love Riley's furniture comment about the Ottoman Empire . . . David comes up with stuff like that!

Sadie said...

Heh heh... Can i be the Czar of the Chaise Lounge?

Anonymous said...

You mentioned Austin and studied dictation. Well it was not working so well for us either. My dd was still not retaining the words because we didn't seem to have enough repetition to make it stick. We are now using Abecedarian where she learns to spell by sounds (we are done with nearly done with level b1)
and she has made tremendous improvement on her spelling and it is sticking YAY!! This book uses a very simple but effective philosophy. Email me if you want to know more about it. PS the teachers book has a script and I love that and the books are not expensive. The man who researched this method is very hands on and will answer your questions and they have a very simple test to see what level you should start, as well as a very supportive yahoo group. Can you tell I like this curriculum? lol! After my dd has enough decent spelling under her belt, I have every intention of going back to studied dictation
though. Hopefully sometime next year Rhonda (poohder)