Saturday, February 14, 2009

Run the Reagan 2009

Back at the beginning of last fall, my long-time friend (and favorite travel agent) Jan asked me if I'd be interested in taking up jogging with her. After I pulled myself off the floor from laughing, I considered it seriously and took up the challange!

This morning, Jan and I (and her hubby) ran a 5K together! Here we are before the race! Don't we look happy and cheerful? No? It was cold and rainy, and early! LOL

Here were are back at her house after the race! Now we look happier!! We both did very well! I beat my previous race time from December by a little less than 2 minutes. Jan beat me by about 30-45 seconds. I'll know specifics tomorrow when the official results are posted!! (EDITED to add official time - 33:55, which is 1:46 faster than my last race! My pace was a 10:46 mile!!)

So are we on for the 10K this summer, Jan??


JamBerry said...

woo-hoo! you go!!!

The Glasers said...

Congratulations!!! You done good!

Twinmomwv said...

Love your blog! I've been keeping up with Bella's Bookshelf and love it, recommending it to all my friends who are also Twilight fans. My DH has agreed to do a trial homeschooling this summer to see if I "can handle it without losing my cool". My kids ages will be 6 yo twins, 4 and 2. Any suggestions as to schedule/structure? I already have my curriculum but am interested in knowing what the SOTW cds are.

Keep up the good work!

Niffercoo said...

Hi, Twinmomwv! I'm sorry it's taken so long to comment... the race on Saturday has required some serious recovery time!

Your kids are so young, the actual homeschooling part of your day won't take very long at all. That might be hard to convince your husband that you're really doing what you are supposed to be doing, but truly it doesn't take long. A little phonics instruction (if your 6 year olds are ready, and maybe the 4 year old, too?), a little hands-on math (cooking, counting with real objects), and maybe a little handwriting for the 6 year olds (again if they are ready!). Make sure you read outloud to everyone as much as you can. Make sure you spend LOTS of time outside! Go on fun field trips to museums, parks, gardens!

I see you already have a curriculum lined up and that's super, but also remember to have lots of fun! There won't be another time as a homeschooler where you'll be as free as when your kids are little - trust me!! Schedule/structure will be a little more difficult for you with a 2 year old. I think that is the most challenging age to homeschool with. I suggest making some 'school boxes' or 'bags' that have fun things for the 2/4 year olds to play, and these only come out when you're working with the older kids. This website is where I got all of my ideas:

SOTW CDs: That stands for Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. It is a series of 4 books about history, written for children. They are available on CD so you can listen instead of read-loud (saving your voice for other books which aren't on CD, or for the time when the 2 year old needs to be in mom's lap!).

I'll be updating Bella's Bookshelf this weekend with my thoughts on Animal Farm (Zzzzzzzz... oops, sorry! Just thinking about it put me to sleep! LOL).

Let me know if I can give you any other tips on beginning hsing. For what it's worth, I began a trial of homeschooling the summer Austin was 6 (Riley was 3, and Reece was a few months old!). That was the summer of 2002! :)