Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A busy weekend, and the challenges that brings to Monday and Tuesday!

Our February began with gusto on Sunday. We attended Sunday School for the first time at our new church, and we were planning to come forward to officially join the church at the end of the worship service. Austin had SS with the other Junior High kids, Riley would be in a SS class with 3rd-5th graders, and Reece (and I) would be in a class with 1st-2nd graders.

Reece would not go in the room, which is nothing new under the sun. A little girl tried to get her to come in, but Reece was not very kind to her, and told her she had a boy's name (Ryan) which is sort of funny coming from a girl named Reece! LOL I tried to get Reece to apologize but she wouldn't. Then when I got her wanting to come into the room, she didn't want to sit next to any boys. (I have finally figured out the reason for her aversion to little boys, but that will have to be another post of its own). There were 5 children, including her, in her class. The teacher was a sub but was very nice, and knows all about Reece already. Her teenage daughter was helping out in the class.

5 adults, 3 children... piece of cake right? Nope. The lesson in the book was not appropriate for the age group, in my opinion. It was definitely not appropriate for Reece. She had to cut out words from a word bank (difficult words), and paste them into the appropriate blanks in a 3 paragraph story of the Transfiguration. The cutting was fine, the pasting wasn't too bad, the reading and pace of the rest of the kids was too much. I scaffolded (giving supports, modifying what I could on the fly) as much as I could, but her already shaky competence was crumbling. Class ended and we were helping to clean up. The teenager complimented on her shoes, but called her the wrong name by mistake. Reece burst into tears and ran out of the room and down the hall.

She was still sobbing by the time the worship service began. There was just no fixing it, so I just tried to comfort her as best I could. Riley loved her class, which is great. Austin said his class was fine, too. There are 4 in his class, including him, and he is the only boy. I did a little "knuckle" high-five with him (picture Howie Mandel on Deal or No Deal, or Brett Wagner from Pass Time) and said, "Sweeeeet!" He knuckled me back, smiled, then said, "Why?" LOLOL No interest in girls, yet! ;)

We left for children's church at the appointed time, Riley dashing ahead of us to get a seat in the front row so she could see. This from the child who said she can't stand children's church! LOL Sweet little Ryan was actually waiting for Reece, who ignored her. Hopefully she won't give up on Reece before Reece decides to be friendly, which she will as soon as she has more competence built up! We found a seat for Reece, away from boys, and I started off in the back of the room. Reece did very, very well almost until the very end! And then she just stood up a couple of times, which isn't bad considering we'd been there for 2 hours by that point. The teacher is using "Genesis for Kids" to teach creation using science and it's absolutely fascinating!! At the end of that day's experiments, the teacher asked if there were any questions or comments and Reece raised her hand. "We made a CLOUD!" she exclaimed.

We joined the church, as planned... lots of people shaking our hands which was not accepted well by Austin or Reece, but they knew it was coming and that it wouldn't last too long. We got out of there as soon as we could!

The afternoon included spring musical auditions for Riley, and then the Super Bowl in the evening. All in all, it was a very busy day!

And we've paid for it the last two days. Lessons have been a challenge, and the kids have been easily frustrated, resulting in tears, arguments, and rigidity. I'm trying to keep that in mind with my expectations, as well as with my reactions and responses, but it's not easy. I'd better adjust quickly... February is going to be a busy month, leading into a full and eventful spring! :)


Sadie said...

You just made me tired.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

andrew has an aversion for little girls...i get EXACTLY what you are talking about... eww..cutting and pasting..... maybe you can take over the class ;)