Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekly Review: 1/26-1/30

Wow, the last week of January already! That happened fast!

We took the first two days of the week off, after a busy weekend! It was worth it to have a couple of mental health days! :)

Austin completed lesson 13 in MUS Epsilon, and took the test. He scored a 98% and I'm so proud of him for it! These lessons on factoring and reducing fractions require a lot of steps and they are not easy for him. He started lesson 14 today. Riley has started her new math book: Singapore Primary 4A, and so far the lessons have been easy. I looked ahead and SHE is getting ready to start factoring, too, so apparently I am not allowed to get away from it! LOL Reece has been working on her +2 facts and she's got those down pretty well, so she will do the test next week.

Riley was supposed to begin reading Anne of Green Gables this week, but a few pages into it and she was complaining about all the words she didn't understand. So I have ordered the CDs from the library and she'll be able to listen and follow along. Instead, she has read her two Chrissa books (from the American Girl author signing last week), and started an Elsie Dinsmore book that was recommended to her by a girl from her dance class. Reece is making good progress with her reading, and should finish the Bob books next week! I'm not sure where we will go from there... back to the next level of Real Kids Phonics readers, the Sonlight readers (which begins with Dr. Suess and Little Bear), or Pathways. Austin continued to listen to Robinson Crusoe, and he tells me he really likes it, but it's just too long! LOL

Copywork and Dictation went well, even though the kids had only 2 days to prepare their dictations! They really worked on it diligently, and I'm proud of them!

They each read in their science books, but they asked to listen to history together. Apparently everyone loves the SOTW CDs and listening to them aloud. Go figure. I'm not going to worry about it.

We completed Lesson 8 in Spanish, but no Latin was completed this week! I just couldn't face it! LOL

That's all that sticks out at me... we will start a new hymn and character trait next week, and that's always fun!

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SmrfChic said...

First, great progress on the kids from today at ballet! Awesome!

Has Riley read Inkheart yet? That's the book that is the big craze amongst all the upper graders at Sabrina's school - evidently the library has a long waiting list for it now. I'm thinking of buying it for her soon.

I was never a Robinson Crusoe fan myself... I much preferred the Swiss Family Robinson. ;)

Cecilia won an award today for the character trait of the month - Integrity. When I asked her, she didn't even know what Integrity meant. *sigh*