Friday, January 16, 2009

Weekly Review: 1/12-16

I am surprised that I haven't updated my blog all week. It's been a good, productive week and we've completed our lessons, gone to dance classes, had a doctor appointment, and even had a field trip. Plus I've exercised every day, except for yesterday! And I've been reading two books! So there's not much time left for blog updated and changing (like I had planned), but I will have more time this weekend to work on it!

Austin continued to listen to/follow along with Robinson Crusoe and to read Poor Richard. Riley continued to read her abridged Pollyanna. Reece read 4 new Bob Books this week, which is double her pace. She's also been carrying around a collection of Hans Christian Andersen tales that she is "practicing to read" for when she's older. That means she looks at the pages for words she can read! :) It's cute!

Austin completed lesson 12 in MUS Epsilon, scoring an 89 on the test. Riley has one review lesson done and she'll be finished with Singapore 3B. Reece completed lesson 6 in MUS Alpha, scoring a 100 on the test.

Austin and Riley each took the Year 3 evaluation for Writing With Ease. Riley is ready to move on with narration, but needs some more dictation practice at this level. Austin needs some more practice in both areas before he moves on to Year 4 work.

Austin listened to a little more than one chapter of history, and Riley listened to 2 chapters. I had to separate them out again because of mean comments Riley was making towards Austin. It's really a shame, because it was fun to all be learning about the same thing. But the achievement gap between them is widening, and I've got to protect Austin's self-esteem as much as I can. He's doing very well, and working very hard. Things just come so much easier and more quickly to Riley.

We only got one day of science done because of the doctor appointment on Thursday, and it was another of the experiments and it ended again with me wondering why on EARTH I thought this would be fun! LOL We'll try again next week and see what happens.

In Spanish, we completed Lesson 6 in La Clase Divertida, Level 1, and made the Mexican Wedding Cookies to go along with the lesson. That was messy, and the cookies weren't very good! But the kids had fun!

We did hymn study, composer study, character study, poetry, and read our storybook Bible. We continued practicing Latin, but it's not coming along well. I think I may have to pick a different curriculum, unfortunately, and use Minimus as a supplement. I'm going to give it another chapter or two before I decide though.

This morning we took a field trip to the post office and it was very enjoyable and informative! We've never done a trip there before, so it was new to all of us!

I think we've all settled very nicely into a groove, and it's super! We're going to work pretty much nonstop until we have Spring Break the 2nd week of March, when Riley and I go to Disneyworld with my mom. We'll take Reece's birthday off the first week of March, and we have a couple of field trips planned. But other than that, we're going to put in some hard work for the remainder of this winter!


SmrfChic said...

I'm glad that you were able to get so much done! What did the kids think of the post office? Was it a regular one, or one of the huge sorting ones?

Niffercoo said...

It was just a regular one, but we got to see the mail carriers sorting their mail by address for their routes. And the kids all got to sit in a mail truck!