Sunday, January 11, 2009

My new header!

Sadie made me the fancy new header! Isn't she talented?? I'm going to be playing around with my template and trying to update a little bit... so don't be surprised if things look different soon!


The Glasers said...

I love it!

All I can say is, "Arg! Me hearties!"

SmrfChic said...

ROFL, I sincerely doubt that this needed a whole post to itself! If anyone wants to make their own, it was very simple using the free online photo editing at
Step by step:
1) Choose your photo.
2) Upload to PicNik
3) Do any necessary editing (exposure, color, black and white or sepia, etc.) and then under frames, choose the Polaroid
4) Save, open it on your puter, and right click to copy it
5) Go to Paint on your computer and create a new document that is a lot wider than your picture, so you have room for text
6) Paste your Polaroid into Paint
7) Use the eyedropper to pick the background color from around the polaroid and fill in the rest of the background with the same color, Save
8) Upload this new image to PicNik
9) Crop it to a banner kind of shape
10) Resize it so that it is 700 pixels wide
11) Go to the the Text section and play around with fonts, colors, and placements - this one looked Piratey to me!
12) You can also add other clipart graphics that they have, like hearts or holiday stuff
13) Save to your puter, and then upload to Blogger

Well... *I* think it's simpler than it sounds, LMAO!!

JamBerry said...

It's TERRIFIC! I'm glad you DID give it it's own post because I was wondering WHERE to comment on it when I first saw it! Well done!!

chandra said...

OOOHHH I Love it. Sadie is so sweet! She made me one too for our blog!