Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little signs amidst chaos

We're having a difficult week at the Black Pearl Academy. DH just took a position at a new church, and the children are adjusting not only to a new church, but adjusting to attending church at all. We haven't been attending for the last year because our old church was so far away and there was really no place for Reece or Austin. They are both doing very well, considering... but there is an cost, and it's reflected in generally disorganized behavior this whole week.

But today, there were two small signs - two lights in the midst of the struggles! And they both happened around Reece's dance class today.

The first was Reece. We got to dance and the other girls, who have already been dancing for the last hour in tap and jazz, were changing into ballet shoes and grabbing a quick snack. Their teacher was growing impatient with them, and said that she was going to start the class. Two of the girls were still eating and in tap shoes. The teacher led the other girls in, and Reece stood by the two girls still in the hallway, saying she didn't want to go inside the room without them. Then she heard her teacher giving instructions to the other girls, and she ran to the doorway and burst into tears. "Don't start without them! Please don't start without them!" She didn't want her friends to miss out!! I loved that!

Next was Austin's turn. He is friends with a big brother of one of the girls in class. This boy is a year younger than Austin, brilliant kid (as all of Austin's friends seem to be!!), and very kind and patient. Today, Austin brought his football and PSP to dance with him. He only brought in the football though, once he saw that his friend was there. The two boys spent most of the hour outside playing football together! He could have easily brought in the PSP, and his friend would have watched him play it, as has happened before. But today, Austin wanted to interact, and he knows his friend likes football!

It's little things like this that you have to make note of and cling to when other things seem difficult!


Lisa said...

I admire your ability to look for the bright spots like these! I tend to get caught up in whatever is going on and forget to look for progress!

The Glasers said...

That is so, so, so sweet of Reece!!!! It makes my heart melt!

And, Austin, too WOW!!! Most people don't get how BIG this is!!!

dance said...
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Chef Penny said...

Woohoo!!! That's an objective in stage 4 that Logan just got too! I just blogged about it too! Awesome job! God is good all the time!