Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An historic day!

The children and I watched the 44th President of the United States take the oath of office today! Austin and Riley had used the Oath for their copywork today so they would be familiar with it, and they were excited to recognize the words.

The big kids were very excited about watching this part of history. I wonder how much they really understand about the significance. For the first time ever, our country has an African-American president! We talked about how 50 years ago, in many parts of this same country, races were not allowed to dine in the same restaurants or drink from the same water fountains! It all seems like a make-believe world to them!

We will be praying for our new President as he takes on the challenges facing him in these difficult times.


Jan said...

We watched it too. I hope we see some good things coming. :)

Love the new header!! It's awesome!!

The Glasers said...

We were very proud to spot our little town's marching band in the inaugural parade. I always thought they were incredible (very disciplined and musically talented) and to see them at such a historic event was wonderful.

Our country definitely needs our prayers!