Thursday, January 08, 2009

A great ballet class!

I'd like to drag this out, but I'm too pleased to do so - Reece's ballet class went wonderfully today! In fact, I'd probably say that it couldn't have gone any better. We arrived about 5 minutes early, which finds her class in tap (they have already finished jazz). We decided to surprise them, so we hid in the prop room until they ran by to change into ballet shoes.

Reece popped around the corner, and told the girls, "I'm here!" They were all very happy to see her, but I don't think they were nearly as excited as she wanted them to be. She had brought her new pink princess mirror to show them, and they were very excited about THAT, so she seemed to be OK!

Class started, and I honestly couldn't bear to watch. I peeked in one time to see how she was doing at the barre, because that was the part that used to upset her so badly before. She was fine, so I went back to the other waiting room and talked Twilight with the moms. I sent Austin to peek in on her, and later on I sent Riley to look in on her, too! Each report was that she was fine.

Class was over, and still I couldn't bear to go ask how it went. So I was surprised when Reece popped up behind me ALL SMILES! She was so excited! In all the jumping around, I noticed that she had a stamp on her hand. Not one time in her ENTIRE life, including the 2+ years of dance she has taken, has she EVER allowed anyone to put a stamp on her hand!! She won't even accept stickers at the doctor's office! I was speechless!

Her teacher came to find me and told me that everything went fabulous! The only small thing Reece got upset about was when her teacher asked a question and called on someone else. Reece got upset because she knew the answer! LOL Her teacher explained to Reece she can't always call on her, even if she does know the answers.

It was wonderful, and I'm so happy for her! It gives me great encouragement that I know her well enough to know when to let her back off, and allow her to gain the confidence needed to participate again when she's ready!!


SmrfChic said...

Yeah!!!!! WTG Reece!

Lisa said...

I'm so glad it went well! Sounds like it went more than well, actually!!!

Ballet said...

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The Glasers said...

Standing ovation for Reece! I cannot tell you how many times we had to take a step backwards with Pamela, so that she could leap forward!!! I am so glad Reece is now building positive memories at the bar.