Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Back to the books...

We resumed our lessons on Monday, and I am surprised at how smoothly everything has gone. With the exception of us all just being plain tired from having slept in so much over the break, and the brain drain from a 2 week break, it's actually going quite well.

Monday was the hardest day for getting up, for all of us. I had made blueberry muffins, and not even the smell of warm muffins could lure the kids from their beds. They all sat around the table at 9:30 with their heads down. We didn't even begin our lessons until after 10 AM. That is highly unusual for us, and by the time we had lunch and rest time, we were not done with lessons until 4:30. Nobody was pleased with that!

Tuesday morning everyone was up bright and early, and it was only Mom who had a hard time getting up! Everyone was, for the most part, cooperative. It was nothing like I was expecting.

Today was the same story! And the brain cells seemed to have perked up today, too, which is always refreshing! I got an absolutely fantastic narration of a story from 50 Famous Stories Retold, which was encouraging!

I also got some surprising good news: Reece wants to go back to ballet class! As I was taking Riley to her class on Monday, Reece announced she wanted to dance again. I was unsure, because the costumes for the recital have usually been ordered by now... but I spoke to her teacher and the costumes were NOT ordered yet! So Reece will go back to ballet tomorrow! I'm nervous for her. She says she will try hard and not get upset, but she's been crying easily recently. I'm going to let her give it a shot! She enjoyed seeing her friends at the Parent Watch Day back in December (we visited her class to say hi), and the little girls greeted her most warmly! Her teacher is also thrilled to have her back!

It's a huge relief that she wants to return. I have frequently doubted the decision to let her drop ballet. Soon after she stopped going, a post came through on an autism loop I belong to, asking about homeschooling. Someone replied that it's the worst thing for autistic children because it allows them to withdraw and avoid interaction. So I've been worried I allowed Reece to do just that. I know it wasn't a positive interaction at the time she left, and I like to think I know my kids well enough, but there's always that lingering doubt. So when SHE announced that she was ready to go back and that she wouldn't get upset when things got hard... it was a wonderful feeling for me! I hope it goes smoothly for her and is an enjoyable experience! And I hope her friends greet her as enthusiastically as they did before!

I'll try to update tomorrow when we get back!


SmrfChic said...

I am glad to hear that the transition back to schooling is going well. And it's awesome that Reece asked to go back to ballet! I hope it goes well for her.

Lisa said...

I'm glad your week has gone well. We had a terrible Monday, but since then, it's been better. I think Reece will do just fine.