Friday, December 05, 2008

Weekly Review: 12/1-5

Well, I didn't do very well with the catch-up posts did I? ::sigh:: I'll work on those this coming weekend! How about a weekly review instead?

After a dismal and painful Monday and Tuesday, everyone settled back in to our learning routine by Wednesday. We resumed our full schedule, after having taken the month of November to work on our novels. Monday began a new term (I divide our year into 3 terms).

  • Began working on a new hymn - "Fairest Lord Jesus" (our version is sung by Natalie Grant)
  • Began studying Vincent Van Gogh with The Starry Night
  • Began listening to Chopin in Words and Music
  • Began a new character trait - Patience
  • Completed Lesson 3 in La Clase Divertida, Level 1
  • Began Chapter 2 in Minimus Latin
  • Finished learning about Earthquakes in Madame How and Lady Why, watched All About Earthquakes DVD from Schlessinger Media
  • Watched All About the Sun DVD from Schlessinger Media
  • Finished listening to The Mysterious Benedict Society on CD (LOVED IT!)


  • Worked on Lesson 10 in Math-U-See Epsilon
  • 4 days of Spelling
  • 2 narrations, 3 dictations (using Fifty Famous Stories Retold)
  • Continued working on Pattern 1&2 sentences in Junior Analytical Grammar
  • Listened to mom read 2 chapters of Robinson Crusoe, discussion
  • Read a chapter of Story of the World, Volume 2
  • Did an exercise from Mind Benders A1
  • Read 2 chapters of Poor Richard

  • Completed 4 exercises in Singapore Math 3B
  • 4 days of spelling
  • 2 narrations, 3 dictations from Writing With Ease, Level 3
  • Completed 2 lessons in First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind, Level 3
  • Read 4 chapters of Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
  • Read a chapter of Story of the World, Volume 2
  • Read 2 chapters from Christian Liberty Nature Reader 4
  • 3 lessons in Typing Instructor Deluxe

  • Worked on Lesson 4 in Math-U-See Alpha
  • Read two Bob books
  • Completed 4 pages of Explode the Code 1
  • Completed 3 pages of My Printing Book from Handwriting Without Tears
  • Riley began reading her Ms. Frizzle's Adventures in a Medieval Castle
  • Austin continued read to her from the Christian Liberty Nature Reader 1

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Lisa said...

Awesome! You got a lot done!