Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve reflections 2008

2008 was a year full of ups and downs for most families - ours was no exception! I was looking back over the previous couple of years that I've been blogging, and specifically looking at the New Year's Eve posts. I came to a conclusion: each year on New Year's Eve I'm very glad to see the year come to an end - it's been a bad year, and I have wishes that the next one is better.

But you know what? Each year, we manage to survive! And not only survive, but in the middle of all of the struggles and the disappointments and the frustrations, we have made some nice memories.

So goodbye to 2008! You were a hard year, but we made it to the end! And there were lots of really cool things in 2008: my mom and I took a birthday trip to Disney World; I wrote a book; I ran a 5K for the first time! Of course there were difficult things, too, but there's no sense in dwelling there. And all in all, Austin and Reece made progress from where they were before.

So welcome to 2009... we have lots of changes coming this year. The biggest ones being a new church for my dh to lead worship in (and for our family to hopefully become a part of), and our son becoming a teenager! It seems scary and intimidating now, but I'm sure we'll survive it like we have all of the other years previously. And I'm sure we'll make some new wonderful memories along the way...

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Barbie said...

I was thinking the same thing for us!! In fact, I just blogged about it lol I will be praying that the church move will be something that is wonderful for ALL of you!! Congrats on the book and the 5K!! Both are amazing accomplishments!