Saturday, December 06, 2008

I'm such a blessed person!

Austin brought in the mail while I was jogging today. I didn't notice there was a thick, white envelope on the counter addressed to me. After I was showered and dressed, I looked through the mail and noticed the return address was my friend, Sadie, who lives in California.

Eagerly, I opened the package. It was wrapped in tissue, tied with string, and from the string dangled a little tag which read "Twilight". I gasped, "She did NOT".

But she did! This is what was waiting for me in the tissue paper - Bella's hat!

This is the hat that Bella wears in a scene of the Twilight movie, on the beach when it's cold and she's talking to Jacob about the legends of his tribe!!! Sadie had showed me that there were patterns for it online, and I was again frustrated that I could not knit! But she made it for me! Isn't that so sweet??

Isn't it the cutest hat? And it's so soft and warm, too!
I was even already wearing my "Forks" shirt before I even opened up the package!

I wonder if you folks who knit/crochet realize how much those of us who don't know how to do it appreciate when we are blessed with the fruits of your talents? Between my new Bella hat, and my pirate socks from Jamberry, this will be the warmest and most stylish winter I've ever had!

P.S. I was also blessed with another talent from a friend this week, too, but you'll have to wait for Wednesday to read about that! :)


SmrfChic said...

Yeah! I'm glad you like it! It was so hard to keep it a surprise, LOL

JamBerry said...

Way cool, Niffercoo!!

The Glasers said...

Jen, you need to get with JamBerry and I one weekend and we will give you a crash course in knitting!!! :-)

Alison said...

Oh man..Come ON .That is soo not fair!!! Miss Sadie.. Hummm I love Twilight too!

Sherry said...

Wish I had such wonderful friends who were talented in that regard! You are so blessed!!