Monday, December 08, 2008

Catching Up Post #2: Visit to Mimi's

The day after Thanksgiving, my dh took the kids to pick up his grandmother at the nursing home, and drove her down to his mom's house for a visit. The kids haven't seen their "Granny" (dh's grandma) in a very long time, and she's getting older now.
Mimi (dh's mom) got a new cat, after her old cat died last year. This new cat actually likes people, unlike the old one, and Riley got to hold it quite a bit!
Here's another picture of Granny with the kids! Granny has 14 great-grandchildren so far, if my counting is correct, and if none of dh's cousins have had more children that I'm unaware of! (He has TONS of cousins!)
Here's a picture with Mimi and the kids! It looks like they were trying to smoosh her!


Lisa said...

Those are such nice photos!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

you have been awarded the prestigious Butterfly Award. See my blog for details;)

The Glasers said...

Pictures of your children always make me smile! Mimi looks great!!!