Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Catching up post #1 : Jamberry's family comes to visit!

The pictures are not really "in order", but we're all flexible thinkers, right? Or we're wannabe flexible thinkers anyway and this will be a good exercise! It's late and I really want to post this before I hit the sack, so we'll just do the best we can! Once you see all these beautiful children, it won't matter that the pictures are out of order!

My friend Jamberry brought her family to our home for a visit in mid-November!! She and her big boys paid us a visit last winter, but this time we got to meet her husband and the newest Jamberry-boy! It was SO great to see them again!

Here is a picture of Riley carrying SB3 around, which made me SO incredibly nervous! I try not to hover, but dang, she was scaring me!!

I should probably note that SB3 got put down maybe 3 times during the duration of their visit, and those were diaper changing opportunities!! This little guy is SO adorable, as you can tell from the pictures!! Kissably adorable!!
Yep, the girls want a baby brother of their own. We tried to convince Jamberry's crew to leave SB3 with us, but for some reason, they were disinclined to acquiesce to our request.
Here is Austin playing Wii with Sly, while Riley puts on her best pout because we only have 2 Wii-motes! The boys had a great time playing together!
The dads got a little bit of Wii time in themselves!! Russ and Habeeb got along very well. It's a shame they live a state away!
Here I am with Jamberry!!
Here is J-man chillin' on my bed watching Indiana Jones 4. He helped me to realize that I'd put the wrong disc in - bonus features! Oops!!
OK, MY turn with SB3, and he fell asleep in my arms. Is there ANYTHING on Earth better than holding a sleeping baby?? He actually fell asleep two different times in my arms. The first time I let Riley take a turn to hold him - but the second time there was NO WAY anyone was getting him but me! :)
Riley and Sly did some sort of chatting thing with their Nintendo DS things. Don't let Riley's expression fool you (just a bad picture) - she had a blast with Sly! I noticed her Daddy shooting poor Sly a couple of nasty looks! He's a little less than 2 years older than Riley, so it's still totally innocent - but I think Daddy was getting a preview to a future that scares him to death!
This is my favorite picture, so I saved it for last. Austin took the baby into our room to show him "his first Nascar race ever"!!! It was an AWWWW moment for sure!!

Jamberry, thanks so much for coming to visit us! I wish I hadn't been so wiped out from the family picture experience that same morning! I felt like my brain cells weren't quite firing the whole rest of the day!LOL I hope we'll be able to come your way in the spring! :)


Lisa said...

Looks like a wonderful visit!

The Glasers said...

This was a post that made me smile from ear to ear!!!! I love the pictures and the buzz on what happened during the visit with Jamberry and her boys (big and small).

JamBerry said...

We LOVED our visit with you and can't WAIT to do it again!!!!!