Monday, November 10, 2008

Word Counts?

I'll resume posting family word counts tomorrow! Neither Austin nor Reece worked on their novels at all this weekend, between respite on Saturday and football and Nascar on Sunday. We'll pick back up today, and I'll get the numbers posted tomorrow.

Austin was a little on edge about his novel. He set his word count goal higher than Riley's which was probably a mistake. But he is the older brother, by 3 years, and in a higher grade. He won't accept doing anything less that she will. But she has far surpassed what he has written, and it's frustrating to him. We've all talked to him about how they are different people. And how we are proud of him for what he has written so far. It's actually very expressive and humorous in places! He's putting pressure on himself, which for some people can be productive and inspiring. But for Austin? It's just bad news.

The purpose of this project for us all is fun and creativity and expression. I am hoping that Austin will be able to move past the stress, and move back into enjoying it! As I told him yesterday, we're only 10 days into this project! There's plenty of time!

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