Monday, November 03, 2008

My Little WriMos

There's lots of writing going on at the Black Pearl Academy, and I thought everyone would like to see what it looks like! Nobody takes the same approach!

Riley does the "I write better in my jammies, on the loveseat, with a fleece blanket" routine!
Austin's more of a "I'm in my jammies, but at my desk, so I can have a firm surface to write on" guy.
Reece discovered that her imagination works better when she closes her eyes and puts her fingers in her ears!
It must be working, because she's done 4 pages. I do the writing for her from what she dictates, and then she does the illustration to go with it. Like her siblings, she prefers to write in her jammies!
Everyone is still very excited about their novels. Riley was up before all of us so she could complete her lessons and be free to spend the rest of her time working on her novel! Wait until you see her word count tomorrow!!


Lisa said...

Love the pics! Your house always looks so sunny and cheerful in the pics.

The Glasers said...

How fun!!!! I bet the greatest writers wore their jammies! LOL!