Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Family Word Count for November 4, 2008

Mom - 18,003
Austin - 894
Riley - 1,460
Reece - 161

Austin and Riley and I made good progress on our novels, even with all the excitement of the election. I made my next word count goal of 18,000 which yielded me a trip to the convenience store for some preservative-laden, food-dye riddled, training-destroying junk food! YUM! While I was out, I also found some nice jogging pants (or pants that I will use as jogging pants!) at Target (which was my 10,000 word reward).

Reece didn't work on her novel today. She was having a bit of a day day yesterday. I had promised the kids they could play with their gameboys while we waited in line for me to vote. But when I arrived, there was a sign that said "No personal electronic devices allowed" (which including gaming devices). Our voting was done on computers, and apparently personal electronics can cause interference? Anyway, the big kids were OK with it, but Reece was crushed. We don't do video games during the week, and she was so excited. And since that was all I brought, it left nothing for her to do in the 40 minute wait. Had I known, we would have brought books or paper/pencil for coloring. She cried silently, and repeated, "It's all the president's fault!" much to the delight of those in line around us who found it all quite funny (thankfully). She didn't want to write yesterday, and I didn't push the issue, for fear of having a novel entry with sorrow caused by the president!

I've got to do a big blog post about this whole experience so far. I will try to do it this weekend! I'm so glad I decided to go with the flow this year and take on this novel project with my children!


argsmommy said...

Presidents get blamed for a lot of things, but that might be a new one! How cute!

We're trying to establish new limits on video games and tv and I like that you only allow the games on the weekend. Why didn't I think of that? What do you do about tv?

BTW, thanks for trading emails with me last week -- you were very helpful.


poohder said...

I bet having a "go with the flow" attitude has allowed for all kinds of interesting discoveries for everyone. I can't wait to hear al about it. Rhonda

Niffercoo said...

Kellie, we also do no TV during the day until Daddy comes home and turns it on. Then it's usually on baseball games in during ball season, or the history channel (my husband's favorite). Austin and I watch "Pinks" and "Pass Time" on Speed channel every night from 7-8 (those are drag race shows).

Wednesday nights the kids are allowed one DVD/show to watch while Daddy works late at church (because Mommy's brain is usually a vast wasteland by dinnertime). And Friday after lessons are done, the TV and video games can be used.

It may seem a little much in terms of rules, but we've been doing it so long that it's not a big deal. I've also been trying to throw in a free day now and then, because Reece likes to be static and say "No, today we had lessons, no TV today". Austin used to be that way, too, but has gotten much more flexible.

Hope that helps give you some ideas!

Niffercoo said...

Rhonda, you know I'm not much of a "go with the flow" person at ALL! I still can't believe I decided to toss aside all our language arts for a month and do this instead!