Sunday, November 09, 2008


My mom and I are taking Riley to Disney World for a week for her birthday in March!

We had been talking about it, saving money, and hoping for a great deal. Finally it happened! My friend Jan is a travel agent, and she let me know about this fantastic deal:

Spend 4 nights with tickets at a Disney World Value Resort, get 3 nights free, including tickets!! And if you book certain dates, you also get a $200 Disney gift card!!

That was an offer we couldn't refuse! The last sticking point was that my husband couldn't take so much time off to watch Austin and Reece. Imagine my surprise when my dad stepped up to the plate and offered to take care of them for those 2 days?? I've got some great men in my life, don't I?

I called Jan this morning, and she took care of all of the details, including booking a birthday breakfast for Riley at Cinderella's Castle!!! Oh My GOSH!!! We get to have breakfast in the castle again!! Um, I mean, of course, RILEY gets to have breakfast in the castle! ;)

If you'd like to get quotes on this awesome Disney deal, please visit Jan's Travel Site and she'll be happy to help you like she did us! She's not only a travel agent, and a great friend, but she's also a Disney Expert!!

In 4 months, Mom, Riley, and I will be Disney Bound!!


The Glasers said...

What a way to break up the winter blahs . . .

Congratulations!!! Cinderella Dancing in SC!

6kids said...

How fun is that!! Can't wait to see the scrapbook page.

Jan said...

You're so sweet!!! : )