Friday, November 07, 2008

Austin's Last Fall Baseball Game

I took a couple of snapshots of Austin before his game last night. He will be 13 in the spring, and the church where we play ball doesn't offer fall baseball for 13+, so he will only be playing in the spring from now on. This was his 5th fall baseball season, and it's hard to see it end. Here is a picture of Austin and Coach Dad before the game:
I snapped this one through the fence. This is the top of the batting order, and on their own they had come together to discuss some strategy! These three boys have played together for 3 years (6 seasons) either on the same team, or on opposing teams in the same league.
Our team won 20-5, and Austin pitched one inning. It was a great way to end fall baseball!

Word Counts for yesterday will be posted this afternoon! We are on our way out the door for a field trip!


argsmommy said...

Congratulations to Austin!

And if you don't mind my asking another question, does Austin's AS symptoms affect any of his abilities on the team? It's encouraging to see him doing so well.


The Glasers said...

Congratulations!!! I didn't even know there was such a thing as fall baseball. Shows how much I know!

David will be wrapping up soccer the week after next. He almost made a goal last game! He has some fantastic Hispanic teammates who probably started playing as soon as they could walk, so his team is winning.