Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where has the time gone??

I had to steal this picture from Jan's blog --- on the left are Michael and Austin, both 12.5 years old, yesterday at the history center. On the right, are Austin and Michael when they were babies (I am guessing 15 months because they were wearing shorts, but I'll bet my mom knows or can find out if Jan can't refresh my memory!). They are wearing their Tigger and Pooh outfits!

Edited: My mom says this was in March 1998, so the boys were 22/23 months old! They sure look younger than that though!

Can you believe how big they are both now?? Oh my gosh! I think I need some chocolate, FAST!


Lisa said...

Well,I don't know Michael, but wow, does Austin look OLD! There's something of the teenager look in him now.

The Glasers said...

Tis the season for chocolate!

How awesome that Austin has a lifelong friend!

You will feel really old when Austin hits his growth spurt and towers over you. Steve and I are shrimps compared to Goliath, I mean David!

Jan said...

It's scaring me how old they look now. ECK!!