Monday, October 27, 2008

What a busy weekend!

My parents came into town on Saturday morning for a busy weekend!

I had my autism support prayer group on Saturday morning, and as usual, it was excellent. (Oh wait, before I left for that, I had to get the roast, carrots, and potatoes cooking in the crock pot!) I am the only home educating mom in attendance, and I usually find that separates me from other folks in autism support groups. But I don't feel that way in this group. In fact, I find that we all have basically the same prayer requests and concerns. The way we spend our days may be much different (some homekeeping, some working, and me teaching), but the bottom line is that it's not fundamentally different. Except that I can't really complain about the teacher or services my child is getting! ROFL Well, I guess I could, but... ;) I do find myself not sharing my struggles with home educating, partly because I'm new to this group and partly because it's hard for folks who haven't done it to really understand. But during our prayer time, one mom specifically prayed for my home educating, and that meant so very much to me! I hadn't even asked for prayer for it, so maybe it just came to her, or maybe God led her to pray for me. It touched me deeply!

I came home and found the kids and Russ had already left to meet my parents at the outlet malls. The guys were looking for camping gear at the Coleman outlet store, and mom was getting the girls lunch and bringing the girls home. So while I had some time to myself, I ran my 2nd day of Week 1 in the Couch Potato to 5K running program. I came back inside and got myself cleaned up, and started cleaning the house a bit more. I also started the dough for my home made bread to go with the roast.

Mom brought the girls home just in time to leave for Miranda's 8th birthday party. Reece was so excited because she had been invited, too! But she made me promise not to leave her. There wasn't a chance of that, considering she hasn't been at her best lately. But overall she did well. She was a little young for the rest of the girls, especially developmentally. And what interested them didn't really interest her. But she loved the cake and ice cream, and loved it when Miranda opened her present and thought it was great! And she loved being invited to a party! She cried and ran from me when it was time to go home, but I caught up to her and spoke to her about proper manners and how we should act if we would like to be allowed to go to another birthday party. The rest of the night she talked about HER birthday party, so I guess I will be having a little party for her at home in March, if she's still talking about it! :)

We got home from the party, ate the roast and the bread, and then mom and I left for the grocery store. It had been raining on Friday night and I didn't want to get out in that! I didn't take into consideration how tired I was going to be on Saturday!

Sunday was slower-paced for the morning. I made blueberry muffins for everyone. Russ and Riley went to church. My dad and Austin went to the race. Riley, my mom, and I just hung out. Riley and Russ came home and had leftovers for lunch. Then it was time to take Riley to her rehearsal for the Christmas musical! While she was rehearsing, mom and I went to Target and the new Toys R Us. I found some socks on clearance for myself (none of which are as warm and cozy as the pirate socks Jamberry knit for me!) and some inexpensive mittens for fall/winter jogging. Mom found some Christmas gifts for my kids. At TRU, we found a Wii Fit, which is what I had asked for for Christmas but mom couldn't find. She asked me if I wanted her to go ahead and get it... but I said no. We (mom and I) are trying to save money to take Riley on a girls' trip to Disney World for her 10th birthday in March, and I'd much rather mom apply money to that rather than get me a present! I REALLY want to go back to Disney World! :)

We picked Riley up from choir rehearsal (listening to the Nascar race on the way to find out that Austin's favorite driver was the winner and he got to see it!), and we headed straight to the movie theater to see High School Musical 3. Well, straight, but with a stop at the house because Riley wanted to wear one of her new dresses Nana had bought her! LOL We got the movie in plenty of time and the theater was nearly empty. The movie was GREAT! I really enjoyed it, and recommend if it you are a fan. Dh took Reece to the "duck park" (where you can feed ducks) and to McDonald's for dinner, so they could have some special time, too.

We returned home pretty late from the movie, and the guys were home already. Austin was so excited and couldn't wait to tell us all about the race! We finally got everyone into bed, and I still had to plan our lessons.

This morning I slept in a little bit, but I did want to accomplish some lessons today. My mom went to a local branch to work because she had a number of conference calls to take part in. Dad drove her over there, and then came back. I started lessons with the kids, and when we were done, I did my last day of Week 1 in Couch Potato to 5K. Dad stayed with the kids. Then he took Austin to spend his Halloween Publix gift card from Nana, and they picked us up Subway for lunch! YUM! Dad left a couple of hours ago to pick up my mom, and they are on their way home.

So that's our busy weekend! We have a nice, full week ahead of us, too. I have a good bit of cleaning I'd like to get done before NaNoWriMo begins on Saturday! Plus I'd like to get ahead of lesson planning, so I don't have to worry about that in November. We have 3 more baseball games, which is unbelievable! It seems to cold to be playing ball now! LOL

I will try to post this week as I am able... I hope everyone is doing well!


The Glasers said...

I am so glad you have skin autism friends with which you can pray!

Hey, be careful about that Couch Potato to 5K thing. My dh started running in Alaska and now he does a marathon or two every year . . . If you do get into 5K's, it can be fun for the family too. We ended up traveling to many neat places in Minnesota and Wisconsin when Steve was into road racing.

Anonymous said...

I am tired just reading about your weekend!

JamBerry said...

Yea, socks! Some stability in a hectic world!!! :)