Friday, October 03, 2008

Weekly Review: 9/29 -10/3

I've decided to steal Lisa's format for Weekly Review, since it's so much easier on the eyes! Here is what we accomplished this week!


  • Began learning about Ancient Greece via Story of the World, Volume 1 (Austin and Riley each narrated one of the chapters)
  • Began learning Latin with Minimus Latin
  • Resumed Spanish with La Clase Divertida, Level 1
  • Listened to the Bible story of the birth of Moses through the Passover
  • Listened to the music of Vivaldi
  • Studied artwork of Jan Van Eyck
  • Reviewed the two hymns we've learned so far - Holy, Holy, Holy and Take My Life and Let It Be
  • Finished studying this month's character trait - Faith
  • Finished learning about glens, and began learning about earthquakes with Madame How and Lady Why
  • Watched DK Eyewitness: Insect DVD
  • Listened to The Mysterious Benedict Society during lunch
  • Read 5 chapters of The Bronze Bow, narrated two
  • Finished Lesson 5 of MUS Epsilon, completed Test (98%), and began Lesson 6
  • Did two narrations using Writing With Ease, typed one
  • Read 5 sections of It Couldn't Just Happen, narrated one
  • Finished the Adverbs section of Junior Analytical Grammar, began Patterns 1&2 section
  • Daily free reading, began Tales of the Greek Heroes by Roger Lancelyn Green
  • One Baseball practice, one Baseball game (lost)
  • Read 10 chapters of Detectives in Togas, narrated twice
  • Read 2 sections of Christian Liberty Nature Reader 4, narrated once
  • Did 4 lessons of Horizons Math 4, completed Test 3 (100%)
  • Math facts drill on the computer
  • Completed 2 lessons of First Language Lessons, Level 3
  • Did two narrations from Writing With Ease
  • Learning to type with Typing Instructor Deluxe
  • Daily free reading, began The Secret Garden
  • One tap class, one jazz class, one ballet class
  • Listened to Five True Dog Tales
  • Did 4 lessons of Horizons Math K
  • Played Rainbow Rock computer game for math game day
  • Did 4 pages of Explode the Code 1
  • Listened to 2 chapters of Boy of the Pyramids
  • Listened to 4 sections of Christian Liberty Nature Reader 1
  • Read 2 Bob Books
  • Wrote 4 word sentences from copywork
  • Formal RDI work with mom
That was our week! We accomplished everything we planned to do, which is always nice!

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