Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Trying to find the Zone

I have blogged here before about the Zone of Proximal Development - that area where the child is able to learn best, where he or she is not pushed so far beyond their current level that they fall into frustration and cannot learn, nor where something is too easy that no brain work is involved. I believe in it. I trust it. It's where I endeavor to keep my children in their lessons.

So why is it giving me so much trouble?! Why does the zone keep changing from day to day?! Why do Austin and Reece wake up some days not remembering things they knew yesterday?!?! Keeping in mind these are the same children who can recall obscure details, facts, and trivia related to sports (Austin), insects (Reece), and the weather (both).

The neurologist encouraged me that perhaps Austin wouldn't experience this anymore now that he's on medication. Perhaps the seizures he was having were causing this problem? Apparently not.

I had hoped with Reece that I could avoid making whatever mistakes I had made with Austin to "cause" his difficulties with learning, including his distaste for reading. But either I'm unwittingly making the same mistakes, or they weren't really my mistakes to begin with, and instead it's just "stuff" that comes along with the challenges these two children face.

::deep frustrated sigh::


poohder said...

Niffercoo, I don't know if this helps, but I have noticed, that until my dd makes a personal connection with it somehow, it just doesn't stick. Some things I try to find an analogy that she can relate too, or a memory that is sorta like what we are reading about. But some things take a more concrete approach, like playing a game for math concepts. Even then some things don't stick until it is practiced over and over. I think we just keep on keepin on. Rhonda

The Glasers said...

David is so random his zone changed on a daily basis. So, I had to provide more scaffolding on his "off" days and back off when he was flying. Since he hit high school, his zone has evened out, but occasionally he still has a major brain fluff day.

Pamela's zone is very consistent, except when she blew her diet. When she first went GF/CF and ate the wrong food, I had to cancel math for three days because no amount of scaffolding could help.

I think it is just stuff that comes with the territory!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

i think the zone 'shifts' and is wider on some days. Adrew's radius of the zone changes from day to day. sometimes wider and sometimes just plain shifts. hugs.