Monday, October 06, 2008

That's it??

The nurse from the neurologist just called me back. She listened to all the details, and told me to keep up with the increase in his evening dose of medicine. I wonder why it's the evening dose though, because he takes that dose AFTER the time when he had the seizure. I not a doctor, though, so I guess I'll have to trust that they know what they are doing.

The nurse told me she would call in the new prescription, and let our neurologist know what had happened, and she would call me back if she had any further instructions for me. She said that she doubted there would be anything additional though, and to keep doing what we're doing with monitoring and meds.

I wonder how they can be so darn calm? LOL I guess it doesn't help to freak out, but I want someone to be as shocked as I was! I'm sure they are used to dealing with this, and more, but I'm not used to it!

I'll post another update if they tell me anything more.


Lisa said...

I think I'd ask that question to the doctor - why the evening dose? Glad they're not freaked out about it though! That WOULD be something to worry about, wouldn't it? Freaking out the doctors!?

Niffercoo said...

Lisa, you and Abbey convinced me to call them back and ask that question. I'm waiting now to hear back from the nurse again.

And I guess you're right... freaking out the doctors might be even worse than them being calm! :)

The Glasers said...

I guess they are used to people with terminal illnesses and dire, life-threatening diseases, so they must think seizures are no big deal. Uh, NOT when it is your kid and the Momma bear gets riled up!!! :-)