Friday, October 31, 2008

Miscellaneous BPA pics

Riley is drawing a picture of her Nikki doll in the witch costume Nana gave her for Halloween! It's an excellent picture... I'll try to scan it or take a picture of it!
This is what Reece wanted to wear for Trick or Treat, instead of the Giselle/Enchanted costume Nana got her for Christmas. I didn't purchase a new costume for her for Halloween because, for the last 2 of 3 years, she has refused to wear it on the actual day of Halloween. Sure enough, she didn't want to wear the Giselle costume, and I wouldn't let her wear this getup! LOL So she wore her ballet recital costume and was quite happy!
One day last week, while Riley was at dance, I took a few pics of Austin and Reece. They are so close and it's so sweet. Austin carries Reece on his shoulders like this quite a bit. He says it helps them both (he gets pressure on his shoulders, and she has to balance and use her proprioceptive system!). Instant OT for two!
I love this picture!
This is what started it all! Reece looked so grown-up, even Austin commented on it! So I decided to take a picture! My baby is growing up really fast!

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