Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Impromptu playdate

While Riley was at tap class and Austin was at baseball practice, Reece and I had an hour to kill at the dance studio. Usually I take her up the hill to the playground, and I read my book. Yesterday, I suggested that Reece take her pink soccer ball.

As we were walking in to the studio, we passed a todder (I think he's close to 2), and he looked up with delight at Reece and exclaimed, "BALL!" She giggled! He followed her around, saying "Ball!" over and over again. I could tell Reece was not exactly sure what to do. That's one of the perils of being the baby in the family, you don't know what to expect with little ones!

I suggested she could roll the ball to him and have him roll it back. She did this a few times, and then she realized that if she rolled it across the room he would go get it and bring it back. She was delighted! "We're playing fetch!" Oh gracious, he's not a puppy! The other mom got a kick out of it though!

Then Reece tried to hide the ball from him, because she was done --- but like a good toddler, he found it and squealed, "BALL!!" I told her, "He thinks you're playing a new game: Find the ball!" She thought this was great, and she hid it in a few different places for him. A couple of times he would take the ball and start walking away. She looked at him curiously, but didn't get upset (to my delight)! His mom would ask him to take the ball back to Reece, and he would, and she would play again.

He got bored before Reece did, so they went into the other room and I took Reece to the playground. We came back in time to pick up Riley, and while we were waiting, I wanted to recall the playing that she did with this little guy (she kept calling him "The best toddler ever!"). She cracked me up by saying, "I had fun playing with him! He was only being a toddler, taking the ball. He wasn't TRYING to be a thief!" Everyone in the room laughed out loud!

I really enjoyed watching that little interaction! Reece wants to bring her soccer ball again next week, so they can play together again!


Lisa said...

That's too cute!

The Glasers said...


What a sweet, sweet moment for you to TiVo with your eyeballs!


poohder said...

That is so great. I bet she was glowing with confidence for a while afterward too. Rhonda