Monday, October 06, 2008

Getting back into co-regulation

One of the side effects of all of the stuff going on with Austin, is that Reece has retreated back into herself a little bit. We had an RDI appointment the week before last, and our consultant wanted us to work on co-regulation again. She came up with this idea of reading a book together using some silly voices.

Before the clip that I'm going to upload here, we had already read one book together, taking turns. The book that you see us with is one of Reece's favorites, and I figured it would be more difficult for her to be flexible with it (which is why I chose it!). She had already read through nearly once, ignoring me completely, and without using any funny voices. I pretended to be asleep and to look away like I wasn't paying attention, and all she did was get upset with me and tell me she had to start over because she hadn't used funny voices. That is where this clip begins. As she was reading again, I realized I had to do something to get her attention, and get us into at least a little bit of co-regulation.

It's definitely not perfect, but what is?! I should have paused more, and I should have traded off doing the "One pig does not" part. But it was pretty good for as much stress as we've all been through. Riley interrupted us, which you can see, but Reece was able to pull it back together and focus on us again.

We have some work ahead of us for sure, but that's OK. I can't blame her for her reactions... we've all been really scared and concerned about Austin. It will take some time, but she'll be OK and she'll be more back to herself again.


Lisa said...

I admire how you are committed to your parenting. This example is really interesting. I don't understand exactly what co-regulation is, but Reece is clearly interacting with you and creating responses based on what you do and say. I assume that's at least part of the goal.

The Glasers said...

That is fun!! You had me going to on trying to figure out what you wanted when you lost your voice! I loved that interaction! Reece seemed very dynamic and went with the flow and enjoyed co-creating with you. When Riley interrupted, I think Reece was co-regulating because she was telling you about it and pointing to her. I love how Reece lost her voice at the end. It reminded me a little of how Peter Pan lost his shadow!