Friday, October 03, 2008

Another seizure

Tonight around 7:45 Riley came in to the bedroom to tell me that Austin was ignoring her. Thinking this was just a sibling issue, I told her to leave him alone. (I won't do THAT again! I'll believe her next time she comes to tell me he is ignoring her!!!!) A few minutes later I went into the living room to find Austin on the floor unresponsive but conscious. I helped him get up and he started walking around, still unresponsive. He walked into the wall, and tried to walk on top of the couch. But he came back around in just another few seconds, so I think he was out of it for only a couple of minutes. His memory was gone again --- couldn't tell me what day it is, what we did today, anything about the baseball game he played in last night. DH was gone at rehearsal tonight so I hadn't been able to reach him and I was scared to death.

I took some video to record Austin's responses and behavior when he was coming around. Then I went ahead and gave Austin his regular meds 45 minutes early, because he looked like he was going to fall asleep. He did fall asleep about an hour after the seizure, still not having all of his memory back. Dh got home and we decided we would let him sleep for 90 minutes, but Austin woke up shortly after that decision. He'd been asleep for an hour. When he woke, he was confused about how he'd ended up in bed, but he was himself again! He knew the day of the week, who had won the race, what happened in his ball game last night --- everything except that he'd had a seizure. He had no memory of that.

I'm going to call the neurologist in the morning. 2 weeks ago, Austin had a small episode at the Braves game where he lost awareness for a few seconds but nobody noticed, except for him. He remembered that one, and told his daddy the next day. Then 2 nights ago, on Wednesday, he told me he had a headache. Then about 8 minutes later he told me he had another headache. I asked him to tell me when it stopped, and it was about 20 seconds. Then it happened a 3rd time, also about 20 seconds. All of these events (including tonight) happened around 7:45-8 PM, about 90 minutes before his evening dose of meds are due. I was going to call on Monday to talk with her about the headaches, and to ask if these might be seizures, but I didn't want to seem like an over-reacting parent.

I can honestly say that I never thought he'd have another seizure, especially since it's been 7 weeks since the one at the pool. I was supposed to have ordered him a medic alert tag, but I didn't. I just thought we'd do the meds for a few years, nothing would happen again, and I just filed this whole experience away as in the past. Please pray for Austin and for us, that we get this all figured out. I will update my blog once I have news from the neurologist.

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The Glasers said...

I will definitely pray for Austin, you, and your family! This must be unnerving for all of you!!!