Sunday, September 07, 2008

Playing Orphans

I have been reading The Boxcar Children to Reece, and she is "narrating" on her own by "playing orphans". It's adorable, and they are spending all their free time doing it! They take towels outside under the tree for beds, for cleaning, and for anything else they need. I sent Austin outside to take a few pictures for me (I hurt my foot last week and it is being stubborn, so it's difficult for me to walk).

Here you can see the tree and the towels hanging in the tree, as they are drying after being washed:

Riley is washing Reece's face. Even when you are orphans, you have to stay clean:
Here is another picture of Riley hanging up the towels!

I enjoy this part of homeschooling the very best. I love seeing them extending upon something they have read or listened to, and making it a part of their play. And I love that they have hours in the afternoon to play, rather than having to do homework!


Lisa said...

That is too cute! The Boxcar Children is one of my very favorite books and I am sure we re-enacted it over and over as well! I want my pink cup! lol

The Glasers said...

Charlotte Mason must be smiling up in heaven--this is the exact sort of thing she hoped children exposed to living books would do! :-)

I just love it!!!!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

that is very neat! those are the best parts of homeschooling for sure.