Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Neurologist update

We saw the neurologist today, and I really like her. She saw my list of questions, and chuckled, and said we should go ahead and answer those first since it looked like there were quite a few. Austin had also written a question, and she answered his question as well.

Austin does have a seizure disorder/epilepsy. The type of seizures indicated in the EEG are "generalized seizures" which means they are occurring all over his brain. He will be on seizure medication for a few years, and then we will re-evaluate (as he gets close to driving age). He can take his melatonin with the seizure meds, which is a relief to all of us! The neuro didn't hesitate on that question at all. She had asked him if he was feeling anything from the meds and he said he was just tired because I wouldn't let him take his melatonin until we talked to her! He was actually really funny and charming towards her: he told her he needs to make sure none of his medication has HGH (Human Growth Hormone/steroids! LOL), so he doesn't end up in the minature Mitchell Report (that was the report on rampant steroid use in major league baseball).

He can continue to play baseball, swim, and other activities. The doctor said doesn't want us to leave him home alone for a year, until we have everything stabilized for sure. She gave me a script for his daily medicine, as well as something to use if he has another of the big seizures like he had a the pool. We did another round of bloodwork today to check the levels of the medicine in his blood, and also to check liver function (a side effect of the seizure medication). She wants to see him in 4 months.

I asked about having Reece evaluated for seizures by getting an EEG on her, since the neuro said that seizures tend to occur more often in children on the spectrum. The neuro said that we can just watch Reece and wait to see if she is having periods of staring or blanking out. So I'm going to be watching her closely, especially as she gets older and approaches puberty.

We did have to move the MRI to Tuesday because when the ped ordered it, she didn't include that he will need to be sedated for it. I can call her for the results that afternoon because she can pull it up online!! I think that's very cool!

I can't think of any other details right now. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you!


Lisa said...

Sounds like that went well!

Anonymous said...

It's good to have answers.

The Glasers said...

I am so glad that the appointment went well and I hope it bodes well for the next one on the horizon!