Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Brand New Week

Last week met with a hospital visit (MRI and Ultrasound), a sick mama, and (Talk Like a) Pirate Day. The lack of productivity was frustrating, to say the least! I am anticipating a full week of lessons, academic and otherwise!

We have a field trip on Thursday to pick apples for the first time! I am SO excited about this! We love picking strawberries, and we all LOVE apples! Can't wait! We also have an RDI appointment with our consultant to try to help me get back on track with RDI, which has suffered due to the emergencies of the last month.

Mostly, I'm hoping to move into a normal routine again! Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out!

As a side note, I am really diligently trying to eliminate the use of the word "school" from our vocabularies. It is such a difficult thing, and it's not just a matter of semantics! We aren't "doing school" at the Black Pearl Academy. We are learning, all the time!


The Glasers said...

Good luck! I have a feeling it will be another no-traction week. Pamela and I are sick (I know I ran a fever last night). Because we are sick, we did not get around to shopping for the wedding.

Lisa said...

It's a whole change of perspective.

JamBerry said...

Have a terrific week, Jen! It's hard to not 'do school' just like it's hard to not 'do RDI.' But I have faith that you can do it (or NOT do it, as the case may be!).