Friday, August 29, 2008

Yes, Austin is having seizures.

We got home from the hospital just in time for the pediatrician to call. The neurologist had already read Austin's EEG and called her with the results. Austin needs to be on a seizure med called Depakote, and we just got back from having baseline bloodwork for that medication.

We are to keep the appointment with the neurologist (a different one from the one who read today's EEG). Today's neuro recommends an MRI. The pediatrician said that for insurance purposes, the neuro will need to refer that.

I'm going to bed.


Lisa said...

Oh, Jen, I'm so sorry! It's a good thing you followed up!

SmrfChic said...

{{{{Jen & Austin}}}}

poohder said...

Oh My, but I am SO glad it got figured out right away. Will Pray!!
Please keep us informed. Rhonda

Anonymous said...

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. I am so glad you got this figured out and that you insisted on getting an answer.

My husband had seizures thoughout his childhood that everyone told him were just anxiety. When he was in his late 20s he finally had a big seizure that people actually noticed and was finally placed on medication. He said the medication was life changing (in a good way).

The Glasers said...

{{{{{Jen}}}}} I am praying for God to guide those doctors in finding the right prescription and for the insurance company to do the right thing!

Heather said...

I am so sorry to hear, but I am so glad that you investigated it further! Your family will be in our prayers!