Friday, August 08, 2008

Weekly Review 8/6-8/8

I wasn't sure I was actually going to resume the weekly reviews this school year. I think that's less a reaction to the notion of weekly reviews, and more a commentary on the difficulties we're facing here at the BPA. I won't bore you with the details. As in everything that has to do with life in general, and autism and homeschooling in particular, you find yourself having really good times and then really challenging times. We're in one of those challenging times. Unfortunately, this time, it seems to have struck ALL of us at once, which is quite, well, rotten.

Anyway, as we always do, we began our year very lightly. Reading, math, a little history and geography... that was the extent of our days. We took the summer off for the first time, and I knew that it was going to be hard to get everyone back into the swing of things, not to mention that everyone is in a challenging place.

Austin has done the best of all, and he recognizes this within himself. He is proud and excited!

Riley hasn't had a good first week, but that's absolutely related to HER challenging time, and she does not recognize that.

Reece... well, today was better. We'll leave it at that!

I asked everyone what their favorite thing was about this week and here are the responses:

Austin - math (Math U See Epsilon)

Riley - math (that made me do a double-take because she hates math, but I gave her some control in her math choice this year and she chose Horizons Math 4, so maybe having the input has helped.)

Reece - "you reading the book about Betsy to me" (she seems to LOVE this story!)

Baseball practice starts tomorrow, and dance classes start a week from Monday. Riley was given a scholarship from her dance studio which will enable her to continue in all 3 of her classes! She was going to have to drop 2 of them because of rising costs of food and gas putting a huge dent in our budget. I am so thrilled that she will get to continue! She enjoys dancing so much! Reece had decided earlier in the summer that she wanted to only continue with ballet. She didn't like the noise in tap, and though she could start jazz this year, it makes for a really long time for her to concentrate. Choir will start a week from Sunday, but Reece won't be going back to that right now. She told me that "It's just too much for me!" which cracked me up completely! It's probably for the best right now anyway! She can always start later, like she did last year.

Next week is a 4-day week, with Monday being our annual Not Back to School Party. The kids are really looking forward to it!

Hope your weekend is relaxing!

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Lisa said...

It's interesting that you find that this year is beginning in such a challenging way when I notice that you aren't stressing over curriculum choices like you have in past years. I wonder if that is connected or unrelated. I think you're doing a great job of staying calm, choosing carefully, and making the commitment even when it doesn't feel like fun.