Thursday, August 28, 2008


Wow, no blog post since Sunday? I didn't realize that! Sorry! You're getting the weekly review a day early because we're doing a 4 day week this week. Austin's EEG is tomorrow and he has to be sleep-deprived. I didn't think it was worth it for anyone (student or teacher) to try to attempt school tomorrow! LOL

I'm just going to hit the highlights as I've still got a bunch of stuff to do this afternoon. And since I've learned how to use the little bullet tool on blogger (did you notice??), this will be even more fun:
  • Austin - Math Test - 100% (tried to be silly with him, called him out with a sad face and sounds to make him think he did bad but it didn't work. He said he knew he did well on the test, and I was just trying to trick him)
  • Riley - Spelling Test - 100%
  • Reece - finished all of the Level 1 Real Kids Phonics Readers, will begin level 2 next week, also surprised me today by doing 2 pages of her Explode the Code, Book 1 all by herself! She was very proud
  • History - Ancient Egypt
  • Grammar- resumed this week and both are doing much better than expected
  • Narrations - continued this week and also are much better than expected; starting oral narration very informally with Reece, all that RDI work in being declarative really transitions nicely into oral narration (also doesn't hurt for her to have been around it for the last year. I'm not sure how many other 6 year old children with autism would holler out "My turn for a narration, Mommy!" if they didn't have 2 older siblings giving narrations all the time - of course, hearing her narrate one of her own books by herself is so much more rewarding for me)
  • Science - added Madame How and Lady Why (an Ambleside suggestion) as a read-aloud, and we're really liking it! This is a narrative tale of geology.
  • Geography - Middle East, to tie in with Ancient history
My stamina is still not up to par, but I'm hoping it's the stress and lack of sleep surrounding Austin's episode at the pool. Next week we're adding back in Latin and Spanish, and Riley will begin her 'learn to type' program. Austin started typing one of his narrations this week (he narrates, I write it down, he types from my copy), and she wanted to know when she could do that, too! So I'll have her do the typing program this year to get ready!

I'll try to update about the EEG tomorrow, though I don't think we'll have any real news until we see the neurologist. But as we're only going to get 4 hours of sleep tonight, I may come home and crash first! So maybe the update won't come around until later on in the evening! :)


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*I* missed your blogging! Esp since I didn't talk to you much earlier in the week!

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