Monday, August 04, 2008


I finished Breaking Dawn on Saturday evening. I had read from 10-2, and then again from 4-9 reading, in addition to those early morning hours I mentioned before. So it took me about 14 hours total to complete the book, which is pretty slow for me! LOL

I promise to be spoiler-free, so let me just say that this book satisfied me! :)

And yes, I did start reading it again yesterday, but I won't have the uninterrupted hours to read this time so it will take longer to re-read. I'm enjoying picking up on things the 2nd time through that I hadn't really paid attention to before. Stephenie Meyer does that a lot in her writing, and I enjoy it!

I hope everyone enjoys Breaking Dawn as much as I did! What an enjoyable end to a series!


The Glasers said...

While you were doing your book reading marathon, I have been on a crocheting and knitting kick, trying to finish up some baby projects for RDI cyberfriends . . .

I am glad you find time to do something you enjoy!!! It helps us keep running this marathon called homeschooling!

chandra said... should I bite and read the books? I put them on hold at our library but I am number 47 on the list for the first book so it might be a long while until my turn to check it out. I might just have to find it somewhere cheap to purchase!