Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The power of a name

Me (on the phone with the pediatric neurologist, trying to schedule an appointment for Austin): My son has been referred for an appointment to see the neurologist. He had an episode of blanking out and vomiting, accompanied by memory loss, this past Friday.

Scheduler: Yes, ma'am. I just need some information. We are currently booking into 2009.

Me (cringing and thinking I'm going to have to call the developmental ped and see if they can pull strings): Ok, thank you, his name is .... (and I go on to give them the information)

Scheduler: And the referring physician's name?

Me: Dr. ____ (our developmental ped)

Scheduler: One moment please. ::puts me on hold::

New person talking to me: Ma'am, I'm sorry but the earliest I have is September 10th.

Me: 2009?

New scheduler: 2008, ma'am.

Dang.... he's good! LOL That alone is quite possibly worth all the expense of his appointments!

So that appointment is scheduled. Now we just have to wait for it to get here. And hopefully get some answers!


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

so glad you got in!

poohder said...

Just caught up on all your blogs. WOW! you've been busy. Kinda puts all the "junk" we stress over into perspective Huh? Love ya Rhonda

JamBerry said...

That IS fast! Here's to powerful names! And hopefully to solid answers & good health too!

Laura said...

Score. Good luck to you and Austin.

My developmental pedi told me a neuro exam was indicated for Brad, but she didn't send me to a particular one. I couldn't get an appointment. They wouldn't even put me on a waitlist. The practice isn't accepting any new patients, they said. End of story. I gave up.