Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not-at-all-Wordless Wednesday

The Sears repairman finally called at 4:47 to say he was on his way. "Oh, and by the way, what exactly is going on with your washer? And where would I find ____ (insert the name of our road)?" @@@@@@@@@

He pulled up at 5:30, and my husband followed shortly thereafter. Which was good. So I didn't have to interact with him. 30 minutes and $239 later, our washing machine has a new pump and we are on our way to having clean clothes again. I haven't done laundry since Saturday, and those of you with 3 children can imagine what a backlog I have!

I hosted our homeschool group's Mom's Night Out last night at the house, and it was very enjoyable. Not as many people came as had signed up. But a bad storm came through right about the time people would have had to leave, and I think it kept many people away. The people who braved the storm were soaked just running from my driveway into the house. I think everyone had a nice time! I'm still not used to being a hostess, and it makes me incredibly nervous. I'm relieved that it's over, but not in a bad way.

Now I have to turn my attention to homeschool preparations. I realized last night when the moms were looking at my bookshelves and asking me questions, that I'm not totally content with my plans for this year. When you're embarrassed to admit that you're using something with one of your children, that's not a good sign! LOL I think it's fear that is prompting some of those choices, and that's never a good way to do things.

I'm going to go to the Homeschool Expo this weekend, and to IKEA. I had planned to buy more bookcases at IKEA, but the washing machine stole my bookcase money! I was also going to get a desk for Austin's room. That's going to have to wait, but at least I'll be able to see if there is even a desk at IKEA that I like better than the one I saw at And IKEA is very close to the Expo, so we might as well swing by!

My goal is to have all of my school prep done before August 1st. I want to be able to focus on enjoying the release of Breaking Dawn at midnight that night! In order to do that, though, I'm going to have to REALLY get moving! :)


Lisa Quing said...

I hate interacting with repairmen and contractors. I am so thankful when Bob can do that for me.

I'm so glad you volunteered to host the meeting and thrilled it went well. So...what are you embarrassed to be using?

Niffercoo said...

It was Spelling Power (Austin) and Rod & Staff Spelling (Riley). Not that there is anything inherently wrong with either of those programs. It was that my motivation for using a spelling program rather than using studied dictation (the natural approach to spelling that CM recommended) was one of fear. Austin has to be tested at the end of the school year and I am nervous about his scores because we didn't focus on academics last school year.

So I put a check on my fear, and returned to my original plan.

This has been a really difficult summer. ::sigh::