Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fun at the pool

We met our friends at the pool today again! It was a wonderful afternoon, and all of the children played together nicely, as they did last time.

This time there was a little challenge for Reece, as our friend's neighbors came to the pool, and their girls started playing with our friends. Reece got very dysregulated by this, and she was quite upset. She said the other little girl didn't like her, which wasn't true. The girls tried to get Reece to rejoin them in their play, but Reece wouldn't be part of a threesome. I got into the freezing cold pool with her to try to smooth things over, but it didn't help. So I decided to have her jump into the pool, thinking that would help a little bit with her dysregulation (in an OT sort of way). That didn't help, either. The only thing that helped was when the neighbor girls went to play with their parents in the water, thus freeing Reece's friend up to devote all of her attention to Reece!

As we were leaving, though, something unusual happened. All 3 families walked out together, and we were all saying goodbyes. I turned around, and found Reece sticking her tongue out at the little neighbor girl!!! I was shocked! I told her to be nice.... turned back around, and she did it AGAIN! I was utterly embarrassed! But at the same time, it was sort of exciting! She was jealous of losing her friend's attention! YAY! Such a strange thing to be happy and embarrassed at the same time! :)

Austin also did well. He and his buddy were beating each other up with the pool noodles, which is what you do when you're a preteen boy! I'm still not used to this new "male bonding" sort of play. But both boys are about the same size, and neither one of them seemed to be upset over it. Austin had a couple of marks on his arms and chest from the noodles, and a year or two ago, he would have completely freaked out! I could tell he was a little disturbed when we pointed them out, and he was unsure about getting back into the pool. I told him I thought it would be fine to get in the pool, but it was ultimately his decision. Within a few minutes, he was back being rowdy in the pool with his buddy! So he had a good day today, too!

Riley was a bit of a different story... she was whiney, but I guess we all have days like that! I really lack the patience for it anymore. She is 9 years old, which I feel is entirely too old to be whining and tattling. Surely she can manage to settle things with peers at this age? I kept directing her to go solve the problem with her friends by communicating with them. Sort of like the 3 year old version of "Use your words!" LOL

I've got to get going... I'm not sure what it is about the pool that makes me so tired. And with the ages of my kids, I rarely even get IN the water! The moms sat in chairs for most of the time! Why should that make me tired?? Oh well! It was a nice day, so I don't mind being tired!


Lisa Quing said...

Sounds like a nice day. Btw, my experience with girls is that they get MORE difficult to deal with as they get older. Heh.

The Glasers said...

Isn't it funny when we celebrate the "negative" behaviors if they are so typical that we do not expect them? I wonder what developmental stage being jealous of a friend is?

Yes, boys are rowdy! I went to the Naval Academy and, believe me, it takes a long time for that rowdiness to disappear. I am so glad Austin had so much fun, too.

I know Riley was bugging you, but she does have a hard lot: middle child between two autism spectrum kids. Jan Brady had it easy!