Saturday, July 19, 2008

The End of Another All-Star Tournament

As I feared, we were creamed again by the team we faced today in the semi-finals! This time it was 12-1, so we did actually score a run against them! Austin only got up to bat one time and he struck out. I was proud that our team had a much better attitude in their loss today than they had on Tuesday!

So All-Stars is over, and now there's no baseball until.... well... 2.5 weeks until fall ball starts! LOL

This will be Austin's last year for fall ball, and then he's too old. So we'll have to remember to enjoy this time around!


The Glasers said...

Losing is bad, but losing by a wide margin really stinks!!!! How did Austin take the loss? How would he have done a year ago with such a one-sided loss?

Niffercoo said...

Well, he didn't handle it as well as I had hoped. He was definitely "in the game" more for the other games than he was for the semi-final, though. Last All-Stars, we never made it to the semi-finals so it's hard to compare exactly.

When he struck out, followed by the other team really pulling out their lead, he started showing the signs of stress: talking to himself, eyes welling up with tears, more inside himself. But when he had to play on the field he did OK. He was in right field and he ran hard to the balls that came his way, and threw accurately to his cut-off man. Running is not his strength! LOL He only got up to bat once, which shows had badly the team performed in general. He was batting 9th out of 10, and he only got up one time! He's not the only one who only got one at-bat either. It was a tough team to play against!

So all in all, it was probably better than last year. But still difficult to watch. Not so much for the game loss, but to watch Austin lose himself like that. He's made such progress, so it's hard for me to see that sort of thing. He was trying very hard, though. Last year, I don't even think he realized he was doing it. He didn't have that sort of self-awareness.