Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What is wrong with me??

My brain cells are not working right anymore!

Yesterday at the post office, I frantically yelled at Austin, "Quick! Where is your sister? Find her!" He looked at me strangely and said, "OK. There." And he pointed right next to me.

Then this morning before taking Riley to drama camp, I couldn't find my wedding rings. I looked all over. I called my dh in tears asking if he'd seen them and put them somewhere. I tore apart the rooms. I asked the kids repeatedly if they'd touched them, promising amnesty for admitting their transgression. I gave up when I had to leave to take Riley. I went to get my mp3 player to toss it into my purse... and there were my rings. UNDER the mp3 player. UNDER it???

Then a little while ago I was telling everyone to hurry up and eat lunch, we had to get Riley soon! Come on, don't dawdle, eat up, we're leaving in 10 minutes! Austin looked at me, confused yet again and asked, "Mom, doesn't camp end at 1?" (It was about 12 PM when all this was going on) "Oh, yeah. Thanks!"

I'm completely losing my mind! What's going on with me???


Chef Penny said...

Maybe your pregnant! HAHAHA! Ok, maybe you are just stressed. I like the pregnant idea better. lol

Luke said...

Love the mental image: "Where's your sister? Find her!" ... "Ok. There."

Sometimes kids have a way of adding a more relaxed perspective on life... often times not so much.


The Glasers said...

Maybe the carpet cleaner fumes got to you! LOL!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

I was going to ditto chef penny:0