Saturday, June 07, 2008

VBX 2008

VBX stands for "Vacation Bible eXperience", which is where the children of the BPA spent every morning last week! This is at the church where Reece attended preschool, and the kids have been going to this particular VBS for the last 7 years! It's a wonderful program, and we are very grateful they offer it to the community!

Here is a group picture from the closing ceremony on Friday! There were around 275 children in attendance each day, not including teachers, youth helpers, and behind-the-scenes staff! I don't think that includes the workers babies and toddlers in the nursery!
Here is Reece with her youth helper, Alex. This church integrates special needs kids into their regular classes. I usually ask for an additional youth helper who loves little girls to help keep Reece where she needs to be during transitions, and to help if she gets overwhelmed by noise. This year we got not only that, but an exceptionally patient and wonderful teacher who really seemed to enjoy having Reece in her class. She had something great to tell me about Reece each day, even on Monday which was the hardest day for Reece.
Here is Riley with two new friends she made in her class! I can always count on Riley to come away from a week like this with a whole group of new "best friends!" She had a great time! She's running around singing the new songs she learned!
This was Austin's last year for VBX, and they have a wonderful program for the rising 6th graders. They do service projects 4 of the days, and one day they do a prayer walk to the top of Stone Mountain. Austin doesn't require any extra assistance in his class, just an understanding teacher who can give him some advance notice and a little bit of space when he needs it. This year the service projects involved cleaning the church busses, gardening at a homeless shelter, stocking shelves and preparing birthday boxes at the local foodbank, and making prayer quilts for the hospital. He absolutely loved every single day, and Riley was so jealous and now she can't wait to be a 6th grader so she can do the service projects as well!

Here is a picture of Austin's group (Austin is in the blue shirt and khaki shorts) gardening at the homeless shelter:
Here is Austin's group with their youth helpers on top of Stone Mountain. Austin is 4th from the left in the 2nd row (striped shirt, blue ball cap), right in the middle of the mix, which of course made me very pleased! Austin's teacher gave each family a CD with all the pictures she took of the 6th graders during the week! I love her for that! :)
Austin's already talking about being a youth helper next year! We'll have to see how that plays out! He loves little kids, but he is pretty easily distracted! I might decide to volunteer with him next year, so I can guide him as he is a youth helper. We'll see!

The kids are very tired from all of the excitement of the week! They only have a day or two to rest, because they have another busy week starting on Monday! ;)


Lisa Quing said...

That is an awesome VBS!!! Especially the service projects!

The Glasers said...

What an eXciting week! :-)