Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Ukulele

Reece came to me today and said she wanted to "make something" with me. I couldn't resist such a pleasant invitation! She suggested we walk around the house and look for things to use. I found a shoebox, and she said she could make a ukulele. The VBX theme was a beach theme, and apparently a ukulele was featured (because daddy plays many instruments, but that isn't one of them! LOL).

We made the ukulele out of a shoebox and paper towel tube. She wanted to paint it blue, so I got out the real paints (not just watercolors). Those of you who know me well know how much I do not like "artsy craftsy" sort of things. But she really wanted to, and I needed to keep the kids quiet so daddy could sleep off a gig that took him to South Carolina and back yesterday!

We mixed the paint for a light blue, and she painted it herself. It was hard waiting for it to dry, but she was very patient! Then Riley helped her put the strings on. Imagine my surprise when she says she wants to go outside with a cup, "to play for people and they will put money in my cup!" Riley took her outside and this is what I saw when I looked outside to check on them:
Of course, I ran for the camera, and ran around telling everyone to come look! We all ran for our wallets, too!

Check out this outfit... that's pieces of about 4 different outfits! LOL But she wanted to dress for the occasion!
Daddy insisted that he be allowed to put in the first coins!
Then he sat down and listened to Reece sing a song for him, that she composed. It was called, "I love my family!" She came inside and sang it for me later, while I was cooking supper! :)
What a special day this was for all of us! I'm so glad I followed her lead on this and let her creativity flow! :)


The Glasers said...

Jen, what a beautiful example of masterly inactivity!!!!

BTW, remind Reece that she loves her family when she becomes a teenager . . . LOL!

poohder said...

This post is just dripping with the
cuteness factor. TShe has some great
creativity and episodic memory going on here. Yippee!!

Lisa Quing said...

That is soooo sweet!

chandra said...

OH my!! That is so totally precious!! Being a musical family here too, that just melts my heart. So Sweet!