Monday, June 02, 2008

This is what I call progress!

Ok, first things first... please excuse my lack of makeup, and the fact that I start singing at one point! I wasn't planning to be sharing this with the world at large! LOL This segment came at the end of one of our planned RDI sessions, and it was so exciting!! I had to share it with our consultant, and with everyone!

This segment came at the end of about 10 minutes of "work" in which Reece and I looked at some art pictures together. We are working on having her understand that other people have a different opinion about something than she does. She really was not in the mood, but I really needed to video something for an upcoming appointment. So she was totally done.

But do you notice it? She didn't leave! She didn't run off! When I offered a bit of resistance, she didn't have a meltdown! A year ago, if I had tried to do this, it would have been a disaster. She either would have already run off, or she would have pitched a huge fit when I didn't get up immediately! I have hours of video of me sitting waiting out a meltdown, or me sitting alone waiting for her to come back to a small square of fabric that we used as a visual boundary.

I know it's not perfect, from an RDI standpoint. I still talk too much. And I still ask too many questions. But, despite all of that, Reece wants to be with me. She wants to be together with me, and she doesn't want to leave unless I leave with her. I wasn't going to get her something afterward. I hadn't promised her a treat when our RDI time was over. There was no reinforcer, except sharing time with me!

Progress comes in ways that are hard to measure, unless you accidentally catch them like this! :)


Chef Penny said...

Awesome! I love how she references you and comes back to get you! God is good all the time!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

very very cool!!!! i do love that. you guys are so sweet together;)

Jan said...


Lil Sadie Homemaker said...

ROFL, I think my favforite part was the "That's it" part at the very end. So cute to see you guys interacting like that.... way to go Reecie!!!!

Lisa Quing said...

That's really sweet! And I love noticing progress that is hard to measure!

The Glasers said...

Make-up or no make-up that was a tissue moment!!!!! Mascara runs when you're tearing up anyway . . . :-)

argsmommy said...

I am a new fan of your blog -- I've spent the last several days going through all your RDI posts (and watching a few dance videos because your girls are just so darn cute!). I don't know if you remember, but you and I "met" last fall on the MUS yahoo group (you were explaining how the core deficits of autism affect math performance and then we got talking about RDI. I was just starting RDI with my son back then). Anyway, it's been exciting seeing the progress you've made and I was really excited to see all the great information on narration. I'd love to hear more in the future about your son and RDI.