Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reece, Graduation Girl

Kindergarten graduation is a tradition at the Black Pearl Academy, and last Friday, we graduated our last Kindergartener. ::sniff, sniff::

Here is a picture of Reece in her cap and gown, the same one her sister wore 3 years ago:
Here is a picture of Reece's teacher (aka ME!) giving a speech about all Reece has accomplished during her Kindergarten year. Reece was so dramatic and acted out everything I told about!
Here is the graduation girl with her diploma. She opened it up and declared, "I have no idea what this means!" ROFL
And here is the graduation girl with one of her presents, her very own "Fancy Nancy" book!
No celebration would be complete without cake! We ordered a cake from Publix (YUM!) with pink and purple flowers, in honor of our girl!
Reece will be an official homeschooler in August when I send the paperwork in to our county! It's hard to believe that she will be official... when we first started homeschooling, her brother was the 6 year old, and she was just 5 months old (Riley was 3)! Time really does fly!