Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Painting Ponderings

While the kids have been at VBS this week and last, I've had time to myself! I've spent most of the time painting the kids rooms, which is a peaceful and quiet activity that provides lots of time to reflect and think about things. One of those things that I always tend to think about this time of year would be our plans for the next school year. And while I was thinking, one thing became abundantly clear:

I can't do all I had planned for next year. (3 separate complete plans, one for each child, and very few with any sort of direction as far as teacher helps)

So I've been pondering as I paint, trying to figure out what to do. And this evening after I finished painting the girls' room, I came up with a very workable plan (with the help of a friend!).
I'm going to use Sonlight again, using a core over a year and a half. Basically speaking, I'll be using their Core 6 and 7 (which is world history) over 3 years, which will take me up to high school for Austin. Just typing that out freaks me out a little bit!

Many of the SL books are in the various CM friendly book lists, but by using SL I will have an Instructor's Guide with summaries of the books, as well as a schedule/framework to assist me in planning. SL Core 6 and 7 use the Story of the World series as one of the spines, which will allow Reece to sit in on as much as she can, but I'm not really concerned about how much history she comprehends at this age!

I went ahead and placed my order this evening, so I wouldn't be tempted to think this to death, or to be swayed by reading too many comments! It sort of feels like coming home to be using Sonlight again. We used it when we first began homeschooling, but I switched away from it (and back to it) several times because I didn't think it was "enough" to just read and talk about books. With what I have learned from CM, I know that it will be more than enough!

I am going to have the children reading more of their books than Sonlight would suggest, because I do believe that is important, and the slower pace will allow for that! Also, Austin and Riley will be sharing readers, but they will be doing that on their own as well and narrating to me independently.

I'm really excited about our new school year now! I think this plan is much more workable than what I had originally decided upon! There are only so many hours in the day!


Lisa Quing said...

Gracious! That's unexpected! LOL But cool! I will be doing Sonlight Core 100 with David.

Niffercoo said...

Yeah, it's unexpected, but a long time in coming. I struggled this year to keep up with the 2 different AO years and all the readings. What ended up happening more than not was that I wouldn't get to read what they were reading. So narration was not really happening, since I couldn't discuss the books they were narrating to me. I couldn't even tell if Austin was comprehending because I didn't have time to read the books! It was frustrating, and I felt like I was neglecting narration which is THE major component of a CM education!! We were barely able to scratch the surface, and that's not what I want!

When I was making my plans for this coming year, I was assuming I would read all of the books for all of the children this summer. That would have been well over 40 books! And they are not easy reads by a long stretch! It just isn't happening! So now I will be able to read the books because there won't be so many, and I will also be able to use the IG if I am not able to read the books at that time! :)

I'm anxious to hear how you like Core 100. If this plan works well, I think we would move on to using Core 100 over 2 years. I'm trying to resist thinking that far ahead though! But you know me....

Anonymous said...

hmmm... I do my best thinking while mowing the grass. Sunday I mowed and Cary trimmed, edged and blew. After we came in I asked him what he thought about (while trimming) because I was bursting with ideas and revelations. He said he thought about WHAT HE WAS DOING! Such a waste of time if you ask me!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

good for you!!!!! i was just going thru trying to plan just for DS and...well...i was freaking. i still want to do plain ole CM...just because SL didn't work for me but i know it does for so many w/ multiple kids!!!! I am so glad you found something that will make your life a bit sane and then you can put extra effort when needed for various kiddos.

The Glasers said...

I am so glad you are finding solutions for the needs of your children in a way that will work for them all. From what I have heard, Sonlight has a great list of living books and narrating living books is the heart of Charlotte Mason!