Friday, June 13, 2008

Austin's room, so far (plus the girls' toy box)

I present to you: Austin's room, freshly repainted and with new "teen room" bedding!

Here is the view when you walk into Austin's room. This room used to be a light denim blue! Yeah, he has an air hockey table! It used to be covered with junk, which you'll see in a picture to come!
OK, see all that stuff in the corner? That was on the air hockey table, except not in the storage cubes! DH will put together Austin's storage cubby tonight, so I'll be able to put it all away! Austin and Reece have already played 3 games of air hockey... imagine that! ;)
This is the other corner of Austin's room, with his weight bench and closet door.
And this is the corner with the door to his room and the dresser with his trophies from baseball (they get one for participating each season! LOL). The bag hanging down holds his soda bottle top collection, which needs a container (the trash can sounds like the perfect solution, but Austin disagrees!).
Here is the girls' storage cube! I think it looks fantastic! The girls have already played with the toys, and even managed to put them back! WOOHOO! Austin's is exactly the same, except it's the natural color like his bed and dresser, and his cubes are navy, red, and green (need to get him one more navy one).

I'm going to work on the bathroom next (between the 2 kids rooms!). I hope to get it mostly finished this weekend, except I want to replace the towel bars and I won't be able to do that until the next paycheck! LOL

I am tired and sore, but feeling very good about all I have accomplished! Today was the last day of Vacation Bible Camp, and I'll post some details about that later tonight or tomorrow! It's hard to believe that Austin won't be going to VBS as a student ever again! ::sniff sniff::


Lisa Quing said...

Looks wonderful!

poohder said...

You have such nice, calm, serene colors. You should see the electric lime green my daughter picked! YOW!

The Glasers said...

Poohder, We used some "guided thinking" to help David pick a more Victorian-like shade of green when we did his room! Pamela's choice was so much more subtle--whew!

Jen, I love Austin's room. Boys and their collections! David's stick collection made it to South Carolina. . .