Friday, May 09, 2008

Weekly review/Weekend preview

Weekly review:
We're nearing the end of our school year! It's nice to be wrapping things up. Riley is almost finished with Caddie Woodlawn, then she can just free read anything she wants to. Austin will finish Farmer Boy by the end of school. He is really enjoying it, and tells me he wishes he lived in Almanzo's so he could raise cows and horses, and buy caps for 50 cents. Reece took a break from formal school this week, while we focus a bit more on RDI for her. This is a very busy time of year, and while she's handling it better than she would have a year ago, it's very evident that she's not herself.

Riley managed to lose her math workbook, so I'm having to wing-it with the textbook and the extra practice workbook I purchased but haven't needed yet. Thankfully, Singapore 3B covers measurement, graphs, and fractions, none of which require lots of written practice from Riley, so I think we're OK. Austin will finish up Math U See Delta on the last day of school. It has been ages since he cried during math, and he has had a few times where he's struggled. But he's being so much more resilient! Reece has learned to count by 2s, with the help of the skip counting CD, One Hundred Sheep. It's skip counting set to songs about Bible stories. I've used it since Austin was little, and I love it!

Austin has one more lesson to complete in Junior Analytical Grammar. He took the test on Subjects/Verbs this past week. This is something that he had covered in Rod and Staff English before and would score 30% and 40% on assignments and tests. This time he scored an 87% if I didn't count the diagramming, and 77% if I did count the diagramming. That is such a wonderful improvement! Especially when considering that, unlike in R&S when he was only working with the simple subject and simple predicate and was doing so poorly, with JAG he is labeling nouns, proper nouns, articles, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, prepositional phrases, and action verbs. Then he diagrams the subject/verb and all of the modifiers for the subject. It's much more complex! I'm very proud of him! I especially like it when I hear things like this: "Mom, usually 'park' would be a noun, but in this sentence, it's being used as an adjective. You can't just look at the word, you have to look at how it's been used in the sentence." and, "Oh gosh, I see what I did wrong there... the subject of the sentence will never be inside a prepositional phrase." It's very cool. And it's helping me in my decisions about holding off on formal grammar until 5th-6th grades for Riley and Reece.

Riley finished up the history I had planned for her this year. Austin has 2 more chapters to read. We finished listening to Prince Caspian last week, and I started reading Nim at Sea, the sequel to Nim's Island. We will also finish Dangerous Journey, a version of Pilgrims Progress. And also we will finish up the tale of Jason and the Argonauts from The Heroes by Charles Kingsley.

I'm not sure yet how we'll handle science, as we're only on lesson 2 of Apologia Elementary Astronomy. I may continue to read it during the summer if the kids want to.

Weekend preview:
This morning around 6:15 AM, Austin, dh, and my dad (along with the other asst. coach and his son) left for Florida for a weekend fishing trip! It's girls weekend here, and we are going to spend it with our favorite wizard! Yep, we're having a Harry Potter movie marathon! As I type this, we are finishing up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (1st movie). We'll have some supper and bathe, and then start the 2nd movie.

Tomorrow morning the girls have a 3 hour rehearsal for their recital next weekend. The guys are supposed to go deep-sea fishing if the weather holds out for them!

Sunday is Mother's Day and my girls are taking me to one of my favorite restaurants for lunch! ;) Isn't that nice of them? LOL The boys should be back late in the afternoon. We'll take Monday off school since I have a feeling Austin will be pretty wiped out. And besides, we've only got 2 more official days as far as the state is concerned, even though we'll be schooling through the rest of the month. And, I may have mentioned, we almost DONE with our books! ;)

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. And to all the mamas who read my blog, I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day!

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The Glasers said...

You are so wise to slow things down for Reece since she has so much going on right now. How exciting that Austin is more resilient with his math!!!! It has taken David a long time to be able to joke about math errors--and he is NT!

Enjoy your weekend. I have a handmade flower waiting for me that Pamela's new consultant and Pamela made for me! :-)