Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weekly Review/Weekend Preview: 5/12-18

I'm going to go ahead and post our review tonight. Tomorrow, the kids and I are going to go see Prince Caspian at the theater with some friends! Then we're going to go out for lunch afterward. Saturday and Sunday are going to be devoted to dress rehearsal and recital. Please keep Reece in your prayers, as this process takes a lot out of her!

Austin finished the 2nd to last lesson in MUS Delta, scoring an 83 which we consider to be a B! He began the last lesson today! WOOHOO! It's another lesson on Roman Numerals, so I'm not overly concerned with it. But he is SO good at Roman Numerals! It blows my mind! :) He started Adverbs in grammar, and it's throwing him for a loop. He's reading Farmer Boy and still really enjoying it. He can't wait to share the next part of the story with me every day! Austin read another chapter in This Country of Ours, but I am totally at a loss for remembering what he told me it was about! LOL

Riley worked with the metric system again and grasped the new material (capacity in liters) easily. Today, she actually found her workbook that she had lost! YAY! She loved just working with me though, using the whiteboard. She told me it made math become her favorite subject. She knows how much I love math and want her to love it. She said if she has to do the workbook again, it will make math NOT be her favorite subject. Nice try, princess! :) She finished Caddie Woodlawn today, going ahead and reading 2 chapters. She'll just do free reading until the end of school.

Reece read another of the Early Phonics readers, but other than that she had no formal school. I'm just letting her relax in anticipation of the recital.

In science, we learned more about the sun. I'm still reading Nim at Sea at lunch time. We finished all of Christian's story in Dangerous Journey. We just have Christiana's story left, and we'll finish that next week. Jason captured the Golden Fleece in "The Argonauts", and they are going to attempt to go home. Being that it's a Greek Myth, my guess is that doesn't end up turning out to be as simple as it sounds! LOL

I keep forgetting to update our foreign language progress... Austin is review Spanish with La Clase Divertida, level 1. He is on lesson 10, I think. He does it fairly independently, since we all went through it together when he was in 1st grade. Riley is working on French, learning the irregular verb "avoir" and working on some vocabulary work. She will resume First Start French in the fall. Reece likes to sit with Austin while he watches his Spanish DVD, so she's picking up some Spanish. I'll probably start it formally with her in a year or so... La Clase is quite a lot of fun!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'll post a recital update on Monday!

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I am praying for Reece to hold it all together!