Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last weekly review for this year

This was a very light week as we wrapped up all of our subjects for the year! I was planning to extend everything by one more short 3-day week, but then we were invited on an impromptu free trip to the beach with friends, so we decided to call it a year. I guess we could call the beach trip a "field trip" but we finished our required days for the state a couple of weeks ago, so it's all good!

Austin finished his Math-U-See Delta book! YAY! :) I'm so proud of him! He hasn't finished reading Farmer Boy yet, but he says he will finish it during Sun and Fun this summer. He also finished history, and we got to our stopping point in Junior Analytical Grammar. Adverbs are tricky fellows, but we'll return to them in the fall.

Riley finished her math chapter and I'm so relieved to be done with units of measurement! LOL She has been free reading this week and she chose to re-read her favorite chapters of her favorite books such as Harry Potter, The Dragon of Lonely Island, and Meet Julie.

Reece read 2 more of the Real Phonics readers this week... she was actually telling me she wanted to keep reading and she finished a whole book in one day! She started adding 10s in Math U See, and she was feeling very incompetent. I'm going to go ahead and have her start Math U See Alpha in the fall, since I feel like she is ready for it. She has already mastered a number of addition facts.

This was a year of big changes for all of us! I'm anxious to get planning for next year, and refining our goals within RDI and CM! But that will have to wait until we get back from the beach! ;)


The Glasers said...

Congratulations on a fabulous year!!! Y'all deserve some surf and fun in the sun!!!!! Relax and enjoy!

Lisa Quing said...

Can't wait to hear how wonderful your days at the beach are!